Thursday, August 2, 2012

And we are in full evacuation mode

So they switched it again. Full evacuation. Gates close at 7pm. Guess we are going to Ashland!

Just kidding!

So, the sheriff jumped the gun. No evacuation, but we are almost all packed. I took down the vw tent by myself (and it fell over on my stomach). So we are sleeping on the beach and leaving in the morning. I hope I can get to my bag for warm clothes!

We are in "voluntary evacuation" mode

Well a fire is nearby and the sky is full of ash and smoke. The sky is orange. It's very odd. I started the day hiking up the hill to practice archery, but now, they are saying we are in "voluntary evacuation" mode which means "we aren't evacuating you, but we will soon." Here we go!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

We are back in a moving vehicle!

It's a tow truck, but still. It's my first time in a tow truck! We are off to Chico to wait for the rest of our caravan to catch up with us.

And change of plans. The tow truck driver is bringing us all the way to the lake! What a God-send!

Stop tailgating us, you transmissionless, driverless car!

"We've had our first incident!"

It's never a good thing when your car breaks down, and you're stuck at a 76 station with four people, two dogs, a trailer, and the rest of your group is three hours behind you. :-). A transmission isn't THAT important, is it?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Ren Faire gown!

Here's the gown I made!

(the queen complimented me! Goal accomplished!)

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